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New Host

The Creative Magic Network is growing and actively looking for motivated, positivley-oriented podcasters who want to expand their audience. Please choose New Host in the dropdown.

Request to interview me or media requests in general

I am always happy to consider interviews about podcasting, the creative process, personal growth/spirituality, entrepreneurship, or book reviews. Please choose Interview Request in the dropdown.

Are you an expert? Want to be on the show?

Use the Guest Interview Application below.

The Creative Magic Network is booked at least four months in advance. I am interested in hearing from you if you have an unusual story or a top selling book that would be useful to my audience.

Please note: due to the large volume of requests I receive, I am unable to reply to every email individually. Thank you for understanding. Feel free to send me a reminder if I have not responded within 4 weeks.

Podcast Feedback or Advertising/Sponsorship Enquiries

The Creative Magic Network is a lot of fun for me, and I hope it’s useful for you! I love to hear any feedback, comments or questions about the show. Please choose the advertising/sponsorship or podcast feedback in the dropdown.

Guest post submissions

I am always looking for fresh content to post on the Blog. Choose Guest Post in the dropdown.

Creative Magic Store

Have a question about an item? Choose Creative Magic Store in the dropdown.

Permission to use an article from this website

Thank you for asking!

You are welcome to publish an excerpt with comments or use the whole article as long as you link back to the original page on

I don’t review manuscripts or accept books for review and I’m not able to read your book or your writing.

Unless I request it, please don’t send me any of these.

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I’m always looking for passionate artists and business people to have conversations with. If you would like to be featured as a guest on Creative Magic Network, you may apply using the form below. Before you submit your application, please take a minute to review the Guest Interview Terms for Creative Magic Network. You must complete the fields below in order to be accepted, and there is no guarantee that you will be granted an interview.

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