WIN The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch by Lance Secretan! (Hardcover!)

WIN The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch by Lance Secretan! (Hardcover!)


(From November 12, 2016 to November 31, 2016)

Many of you listen to The Frederic Byé Show on the Creative Magic Network. Recently we had Lance Secretan on and we discussed his book The Spark, the Flame and the Torch, which I believe to be an amazing book for anyone looking to be an inspiring leader. There’s a big difference between being a boss, a manager, an entrepreneur, to being an inspiring leader, and this is what the book explains so perfectly. Personally, this is what I am striving for through my business and my radio podcasts network. 

I truly believe that this book can inspire you to become not only a better leader but a better human being…and live with passion, instead of being a paycheck addict. 

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Below is Amazon’s synopsis of the book. 

Good luck! 

sparkThe Spark, the Flame, and the Torch is Lance Secretan’s masterwork, representing 35 years of intellectual property which he calls Higher Ground Leadership® developed through his research, client engagements, coaching and teaching experience. He has integrated his philosophy into a unified theory of inspired leadership. It is broad, effective, and extraordinarily inspiring, offering a comprehensive approach to being an inspiring person and therefore an inspiring and transformational leader. In this brilliant work readers are presented with radical ideas about why organizations continue to labor with ineffective methods that achieve ineffective results, and how to replace these methods with new thinking. He invites us to rethink: 1) the role of modern organizations 2) our personal contribution as leaders 3) the importance of meaning and fulfillment systems of performance management 4) the art of coaching 5) future visioning 6) building stronger personal relationships and teams 7) our definitions of leadership, and how to inspire more than motivate In his trademark style, Secretan combines case studies, experiences and clear examples from real people with whom he has consulted in world-class organizations and weaves them into simple, easily implementable concepts for inspiring individuals, teams, organizations or countries as well as friends and family. The book, together with the many free links on this website, offers a comprehensive system for raising the level of inspiration in any organization.

With Purpose, Passion, and Love

Frederic Byé

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