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“With a quick wit and charming personality, Frederic Byé is easily one of the best hosts in the business.”

Nicole Delacroix, Author of Sexual Confessional



The Creative Magic Network is a combination of podcasts/radio shows from entertaining and inspiring hosts posted every week. The majority of the Creative Magic Network audience is people who aspire to a creative life but is afraid to take the first step. Most of them are regular people who work nine-to-five, or artists and business people looking to learn something new. The aim is to entertain, inspire, and educate.

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I believe it is by sharing that we learn best. The Frederic Byé Show allows me to bring you the best artists and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Do you aspire to a creative life? Are you asking yourself what is the point of it all? Do you want to take your creativity to the next level? We inspire creatives to UNLEASH their creative powers. The episodes are posted every Wednesday and Friday. 







Maura_Happy Inside Out

The Maura Sweeney: Living Happy Inside Out podcast is specifically designed for you to begin living happy from the inside out. With reflective questions, anecdotal stories and encouraging thoughts, Maura empowers you toward transformation, reinvention and personal growth. Because Maura focuses on the thought life, she’s been described as spirituality centered, philosophy focused and self-help oriented. However, when listening to her podcasts, you’ll quickly realize that Maura’s inspiring messages are always 4u! The episodes are posted every Tuesday.






Max is one of these people who transformed himself a lot by making changes. Some of them he was forced to by circumstances, and his natural curiosity caused others. He started out as a carney after all. What’s your Excuse with Max Ivey – Known Around the World as The Blind Blogger –  is about how do people become who they are, how does adversity change and in many cases improve them? What were the key events, and what were the steps? He is a big believer in the importance of the small steps over the big leaps. It is often the smallest action that will get you on the path to success. People so often say if Max can do it then why can’t I. And Max believes a lot of our guests are going to leave people feeling the same way. The show airs sporadically each month.

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