Guest Post: You Can Do It: Learning Courage and Toughness by Elizabeth Upton

Guest Post: You Can Do It: Learning Courage and Toughness by Elizabeth Upton

ElizabethUptonheadshotI believe that you have the power within yourself to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your mind, when you trust it, is your friend that reassures you, comforts you, and gives you the confidence to approach the world with a sense of passion and gusto. I enjoy exploring ways women can gain courage and toughness from within themselves to take on the world, and harnessing the power of your brain is the key.

I like to call mental power, “I Can Do It” power. Finding this inside yourself is the result of being consistently very clear about your desires and focused in your actions. Finding the perfect balance of these two things is a Magic Formula that helps “train” your mind into approaching the world the way you want to.

Mastering this technique will help you find the passion, motivation, power and drive to complete your goals and achieve the success you are seeking in life. It is your mind telling you over and over again that you have what it takes: the strength, the ability and the steadiness to believe that you can make it happen. Mental strength is the willingness to take risks with a sense of humor, knowing that no outcome will mean the end of the world for you. Mental confidence is constantly moving forward in the direction of your goals.

Being emotionally stuck is a state of mind that can rob you of your courage and make you feel powerless. Emotional strength gives you the toughness to move forward in spite of setbacks and negative feedback, and regardless of your fears and doubts, because you believe in your purpose. Believing in yourself is important; always make decisions based on what you truly stand for and do not second guess these choices.

Beware of enemies who will try and cause your confidence to falter and your cowardice to appear. Your enemies are the weak parts of yourself. They are negative beliefs, destructive emotions, false fears, laziness and a resistance to stretching beyond mediocrity. Your enemies make you feel and believe you are inferior, worthless and a failure. This is not true, and never has been. You possess the power to change these beliefs and create a strong sense of self-love.

Learning how to love yourself from within and find your inner courage can help you achieve your dreams and find happiness in a world of light. I encourage you to be find your inner strength, and shine!

-Elizabeth Upton

She is also the author of Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time To Waste


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