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The Creative Magic Network has over 90 episodes of interviews with charismatic enigmas on arts, writing, music, and creative entrepreneurship. Each episode consists of an audio download (iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and direct download available).

Each show takes around 4 hours to research, interview, edit, format and produce as well as share. I LOVE podcasting and radio, and your ongoing support is appreciated!

The show does not have corporate sponsors for hosting fees and transcription, so this pledge will be for my time weekly, as the time could otherwise be used for writing and other revenue activities.

Each podcast episode is published every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday free of charge. By pledging, you become a more intimate member of the podcast audience and I look forward to hearing your suggestions to continue improving the show. Thank you!!

The money will be used to cover production costs and enhancements. It is also used to cover the editing time and sharing to the different podcast channels.


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