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Round Shower Curtain Rod – In recent times, round shower curtain rod have become stars of the decoration of this room. While toilets and faucets play an important role when trying to bring about change is more practical and less expensive resort to a little twist on the old curtain made ​​recycle around the room. There are several resources to give a new look: One of the currently applied is to change the handles, i.e. replace traditional plastic rings. If the curtains are fabric, instead of rings can sew strips that knotting forming ribbons. There are very cancers.

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Other option is to buy rings plated metal pewter or gold medal round shower curtain rod. They are showier. But in this case must be in detail: color of them has to follow line of faucets. Metal rings can be used in both fabric curtains and plastic and also have advantage that being lapped not rust.

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Use of transparent round shower curtain rod from use creates dramatic touch and room is opened. Set decorating themes with towel racks, soap dishes, curtains, rugs, bath mats and rugs that match or complement fabric shower curtain and design. Use materials that hold up well in environments with hot steam and easy cleaning after every shower.

How to Install Round Shower Curtain Rod

Round shower curtain rod is definitely a best method to add space within your shower. Usually made in metal, they are available as single or double track. More appropriately, they are simple to install. Take through old shower rod, and figure out where you had such as the new one to reach. When the new rod Isn’t installing inside the same spot like the old one, patch and paint the wall. Place the curved shower curtain rod together based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Round shower curtain rod determine in which the mounting brackets will go. The simplest way to do this really is by actually holding in the curtain rod to ensure that height and depth are correct. The curve from the rod will extend out further than your old straight rod, however you need to ensure the mounting brackets are set back about 3 inches from in which the old brackets were. This‘ll be certain that the ends from the curtain could be tucked straight into the tub when showering.

For height round shower curtain rod, you‘ll want to ensure that you allow a very good six inches overhang to be certain the curtain seals water inside the tub. You should make use of a step ladder to install the mounting brackets.