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Mar 9th

Ankara fabric – Ankara Fabric commonly known as “African prints,” “African Fabric Prints” “Holland Fabric” and “Dutch Fabric” is a 100% cotton fabric with a pattern of life. It is usually colored fabrics and primarily associated with Africa, tribal patterns and motifs like. It is also very flexible fabrics and things that can be done, such as hats, earrings, jackets and shoes to name a few. Ankara fabric to create a more flexible, the company has recently included Ankara chiffon prints on clothing as Caftan & socks
Ankara fabric produced using a wax-resist dyeing technique called Batik. In Indonesia this process, the way to “hold” dye got all the fabric, creating a pattern. The lack of difference in the intensity of colors to help with the determination (front) and right (rear) on the wrong side of the fabric. Ankara fabric are sold in 12 court as “full works” or six yards as “half a loaf.” Fabrics Company / manufacturer, type / Products and hem Fabric registration number printed on canvas, telling people to protect the quality and design of imitators. Ankara fabrics can be classified into categories because of the quality of the production process.
The colors correspond to local customer preferences. Some ankara fabrics can be named personality, cities, buildings, speech or event. Ankara fabric can be worn on regular shares, but many people think of it as a luxury fabric and wear on special occasions and formal. Although Ankara Fabric associated with African culture, nature remained authentic and fully Africa. Candle molds Holland began as an inexpensive mass-produced imitations of Indonesian batik fabrics. It was originally designed for the Indonesian market, but found more enthusiastic market in West Africa, where he became a symbol of the traditional and high quality fashion. From West Africa, the substance spread to other parts of Africa and around the world.

Amazing Ankara Fabric
Amazing Ankara Fabric
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