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Bathroom Towel Racks  – Bathroom towel racks fitted with more abuse than people think. The towel rack not only keeps towels dry, but moist and heavy towels after people are through them, placing considerable weight on the bathroom towel racks and wall brackets. Often, bathroom towel racks come with plastic plugs designed to secure the shelf to the wall. For a more secure fit, buy some metal anchors at your local hardware store, because they hold more securely on the wall despite the weight of wet towels.

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Use a pencil to mark on the wall where you want one side of the towel bar whatsoever. Use a screwdriver to screw an anchor lever on the wall in the brand, driving the anchor until the head is flush with the wall. Attach the mounting bracket towel bar for wall anchor with screw.

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Place the towel bar on the first support and mark where you need to place the second support bar towel. Keep a level to make installing the cradle to the same height as the first one. Insert the anchor lever on the wall as you did the first one. Attach the mounting bracket to anchor lever with a screw. Slide the towel bar on the two mounting brackets.