Attractive and Functional Prefab Fireplace Mantels

Mar 10th

Prefab fireplace mantels serve as an alternative to the traditional stone or brick fireplace surround. Made of concrete, these mantels frame a fireplace, and serve as a kind of lists. Depending on the type selected design, these sheaths act as a focal point in the room of an effective transition between the fireplace and the surrounding decor.
Prefab fireplace built it and finish in a factory and transported to the construction site for installation only. Before making the shape, manufacturer’s mixture of cement, gravel, and water to form a thick paste. The shape and contours of the mold determines the final shape of the mantelpiece. May be before or after the concrete is hard to form the sheath of the desired image to be add with dyes or stains.
In addition to the high degree of versatility, prefab fireplace mantels offer some other advantages to buyers and homeowners. By making these shafts of concrete instead of stone or wood, manufacturers reduce demand for limited resources. Concrete itself consider a pretty green material because it can be easily recycled and can be recycled components. Prefab also serves as an economical alternative to stone or wood, the making of this fireplace mantles more affordable. The fact that these jackets are pre-mount also makes the installation faster and easier than traditional fireplace mantels.

Traditional Prefab Fireplace
Traditional Prefab Fireplace
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