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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas –  Keep a small bathroom feel comfortable and light with meticulous design choices for color, fixtures and accessories. Using features and accessories suitable for the scale of the room and keep knickknacks and trifles to a minimum. Hang towels on the racks, and, if possible, give a small basket to eliminate clutter. Save space and visual space with carefully selected bath, sink and shower. For a small bathroom, you have some space saving options for the bathtub shower combination. Two choices are utilitarian corner shower stall and small scale bath.

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A corner shower eliminates the vascular part of a combination fixture, freeing up considerable floor space. Corner showers works just as you’d expect; they are installed directly in the corner of the room, reducing their footprints in your room. To maintain a spa-like bath experience, even in your small bathroom decorating ideas, choose a deep tub. Some manufacturers produce corner bath or shortened versions of traditional tubs. Buy a tube which is deep enough to accommodate tall bather’s length will be limited.

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Provide adequate storage for the small bathroom decorating ideas to hold towels from the floor and toiletries in their place. A standing armoire provides several levels of shelving for various bath products and extra towels, washcloths and toilet paper. For a clean look opt for an armoire with solid doors to hide the unsightly marks, maintain a clean and simple aesthetic. Provide additional storage with hanging racks or shelves. The area above the toilet is a great place for wall-mounted shelves. Find units intended for this location at your local hardware or home improvement store. These devices are generally less susceptible to warping from higher humidity also.