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Bathroom light fixture with outlet – By using inexpensive materials, you can design and manufacture unique paper lamps. Make the base of sturdy cardboard or stiff paper. By covering the base with wall paper or wrapping paper that suits your decor, which will create an accent piece that is as unique in its class. Since the project is fast and easy enough, you can even make more than one lamp at a time.

Posted on June 10, 2019 Bathroom Lighting

Make lamp base paper. Guide the carton so that the short side is horizontal. Check into four equal sections in bathroom light fixture with outlet. Each section is three inches wide. Mark the top and bottom of the card. Draw vertical lines that connect brands to provide fold lines. Double cardboard along lines so that it becomes a rectangular box-shaped prism. Use tape to hold the box together for now.

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Drill a whole an inch in diameter through one piece of wood. This will be the top of the bathroom light fixture with outlet. Glue the other piece of wood at the bottom of the carton. Glue the felt at the bottom of this piece of wood to the table where you place the finished lamp is protected from scratches. Allow the glue to dry completely. Fit the socket into the hole in the top of the lamp. Screw in a bathroom light fixture with outlet. Place the adapter on the lamp shade. Connect your purchased or home-made display lamp upper shadow adapter store. Plug the lamp.