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Bathroom Lighting – One of the key points of all decoration is enlightenment. Here we will discuss bathroom lighting, so that all the elements that we put on it look at its best. And the bathroom lighting is a fundamental pillar in the success or failure of interior work. Good lighting can enhance a simple decor but poor light can also scupper worked the interior. And start with the most important advice: natural light should be the real protagonist. There is a kind of light more advantageous for interior decoration than natural. This will make all elements of the bathroom look better, the space seems larger, we feel better, etc. So with that clear premise, if we are lucky to have window or windows in the bathroom, we push the entry of natural light.

Posted on July 15, 2019 Bathroom Lighting

But we cannot always be with natural light and artificial light is also very important to take care of. The most convenient is the white light, preferably a halogen source. For money and results, halogen light is better than the traditional ones. Place a powerful central light that illuminates Quite the bathroom, and put extra bathroom lighting for the area of the mirror. Daily cleansing is fundamental in the bathroom, and good light can do better.

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