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Bathroom linen tower – There was a time when owning a home linen cabinet in the bedroom or perhaps a dining room or laundry room, even the hallways, landings, or walk-in closet. Nowadays, though, the desire for comfort, and a greater focus on the bathroom, has led to the popularity bathroom linen closet. This is not to deposit sheets or tablecloths, of course, but for storage of towels.

Posted on May 11, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

When the bathroom linen tower first made centuries ago they were made of solid wood and the bathroom does not exist, at least not in the average home and the way we know them today. Today almost every home in the Western world has a bathroom and shower equipped with towel collection. Storing reserves of clean towels in the bathroom is not important but certainly greater comfort than having towels in the adjacent room or hallway or nearby; so the demand for bathroom linen closet.

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Storage space in the bathroom linen tower could be something of a problem in many homes; the bathroom is small especially may have lacked the floor space to add more storage furniture. Mostly you will find a closet made of wood because of the need for doors, although a mixture of metal, wood and glass are all worthy.