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Bathroom vanity makeover – If bathroom remodeling is not in its financial forecast, but is ready for a makeover, the solution may be as simple as a couple of hours of your time and a can of paint. A bathroom vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom. With a couple of coats of paint, you can change the color of a bathroom vanity makeover. Decide what color to paint the bathroom vanity makeover. For the beach or cottage finish, select the white paint.

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Cream or light brown that work well for a vintage or antique look. Shiny black paint creates a contemporary. Apply two layers of a primer based on oil and vanity door to keep the wood stain bleed through the paint. File primers are usually white. If you are using the darkest painting white or off-white, have a paint store to tint the primer to make it as close to the color of paint as possible.

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Apply two coats of paint to bathroom vanity makeover and doors. Allow the paint to dry between coats and before handling. Anguish of the edges of the vanity gently with sandpaper if you are aiming for an elegant finish or rustic farmhouse in disrepair. Consider adding an enamel paint.