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Bathroom vent fan with light – Although there are many cables to connect when wiring bathroom ventilation, the combination of light and heating, keeping track of which wire any easier than it sounds. This is because the color of each cable power cable required for the project. Start by installing the fixture lights/vents/heating and an electrical box in the wall for a switch. When wiring fixture, using a combination of wire connectors and electrical tape to ensure a solid connection.

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As with any electrical bathroom vent fan with light project, first make sure the breaker that controls the flow of electricity to the fixture in position “off”. Push the wires into the box replace, gently folding them as required. Push the switch into the box.  The red cable to the red wines from the fixture three-wire cable, the ends of the wire connectors joined and wrap the connection with electrical tape.

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Join the black wires from the two-wire cable to the blue wire to the light socket with wire and electrical tape as you do with the other. In bathroom vent fan with light the same manner, connect the white cable of the wire two-wire cable white from the light. Connect the white cable left together, and then secure all wires ground together, using the wire connectors and electrical tape.

The Important of Bathroom Vent Fan with Light

Bathroom vent fan with light-it was the devices that are installed in the bathroom to clear the air. They can be connected to a duct outlet or access community directly outside. Therefore, they must have a “backstop” system to prevent entry of air from outside. If this occurs, besides preventing proper air exchange, favor heat leak. – In terms of location, bathroom vent fan with light can be installed on the ceiling or wall, depending on the model. On the front have a protective grille and some also have a timer that keeps the fan running until a while after turning off the light or sensors that activate the device to sense the approach of a person.

Bathroom vent fan with light is important to ensure that the exhaust air outlet is not obstructed and that the connection is made to a suitable conduit to the size of the apparatus. Regarding the mode of operation, exhaust feed on electricity, so they must be connected to the network. They usually have a separate switch to set them up or they can connect to own light switch. Thus, when the light is on, the fan automatically starts.