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Small bathroom vanity ideas – Your bathroom is so small that you can touch the two opposite walls, just taking inside!? Repeat the design of a small bathroom is a challenge! How does one make small bathroom aesthetics without compromising its functionality?
Read on! I’ve found you four tips small bathroom vanity ideas!
1. Vanity
The space around the sink is crucial when we use the bathroom! You are a person who collects perfumes and cosmetics.
2. The toilet
The space around the toilet is a very big problem in small bathroom. Choose a small toilet, with a round bowl.
3. Bath / Shower
In most small bathrooms, you have the combination of the bathroom with the shower or shower only. If your budget allows, replace the traditional shower curtain by a glass screen. Glass is transparent and gives the illusion that the room is larger. Otherwise, the shower curtain should be light colored.
4. The light
The pieces of dark colors seem smaller than those painted in bright colors! If there is the presence of natural light in your bathroom, enjoy! It will seem larger.
I hope that these tips you will fall in love with your small bathroom vanity ideas!

Posted on May 31, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Glass sinks are even better for small bathroom vanity ideas. Since they are easier to clean, in addition to a glass surface helps to see through, creating illusion of more space. However, a nice bright white ceramic basin is also a good small bathroom vanity, as white reflects a lot of light making bathroom space look larger. However, when choosing these floating sinks bathroom designs for small spaces, remember these tips. If you have small bathroom and no space for toiletries, you can consider buying small bathroom vanity ideas. Otherwise, it is better to have a single sink. Instead of vanity, you can correct floating shelves at a height that will keep floor space free. If you need vanity sinks, you can choose ones that are mounted on wall.

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Various types of floating sinks, some floating sinks, are rectangular in shape and ceramics. They also have a small open shelf under it, allowing you to store some hand towels, and keep some toiletries. While some are just simple floating wall mounted sinks. These are perfect if you have a very small bathroom. As there is no platform or any other large rectangular structure underneath, these come in cute circular to oval shapes, and are perfect for small bathroom vanity ideas.