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Beach themed bathroom ideas – Creating a beach-themed bathroom provides an opportunity for some creative projects, in addition to shopping for cool finished items that fit the theme. The sea and its creatures appeal to both boys and girls of all ages, providing a multitude of directions, where you can take this theme. Choose a focus on beach-themed kid’s bathroom, and get your child involved with craft projects that fit.

Posted on July 22, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Centering the kid’s bathroom design on seashells provide a unifying focus with many options. For this beach themed bathroom ideas, use real shells such as conchs, sand dollars and starfish in a abalone shell on the sink counter and the toilet tank, hang a seashell shower curtain and towels, and add matching bathmats. Connect a shell nightlight made from a real sea shell and hang a capiz shell chandelier over the bathroom light. Capiz shells are round and translucent and give a glow to the room. Getting kids involved in making a shell mobile and gluing shells on a trash can, mirror frame or tissue cover will make decorating project a learning activity.

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A decorating scheme with natural canvas curtains and colorful beach towels will convert your kid’s bathroom for a beach cabana. Using colorful sand pails to store extra toilet paper, toilet brush and to show a collection of seashells on the toilet tank. Natural curve works well for laundry hampers and beach themed bathroom ideas. A beach mural on the largest wall will give the room a sea view. An underwater scene shower curtain featuring fish and sand-colored carpets and bath mats will complete the look.