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Black and white striped shower curtain – A novice to the art of home sewing to create a cheap and coordinated bathroom shower curtain in just a few hours. Although both a sewing machine and a grommet holes Maker will complete this black and white striped shower curtain in no time, it can be done by hand as well. Each fabric can be used to create the curtain; however, high-quality fabric cotton tolerates both moisture and extreme wear a shower curtain experiences daily. Fabric supply stores generally offer a variety of fabric colors and design options.

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Measure from the shower curtain rod to the floor with tape measure. Add 12 inches for a hem. Measure the width of the shower and multiply it by one-half. Cutting the fabric to measure and putting together two lengths of fabric, if necessary, to achieve the desired width. Fold 3 inches of the bottom edge of the curtain to the wrong side twice and pin it.

Sew bottom edge with a straight stitch to create a hem. Repeat this step to create a top hem. Fold each side of the curtain inward an inch twice. Pin and sew. Place the hemmed fabric on top of the vinyl shower curtain liner. Use the liner holes as a guide to mark the location of the collars with the pen. Every brand should be 1/4 inch from the top edge of the shower curtain. Create implements hole with grommet machine at the penciled placement spots. Slide the curtain rings through the grommet holes and vinyl liner holes and hang the black and white striped shower curtain.