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Subway tiles bathroom – When planning your bathroom remodeling project, consider using blue subway tiles. They give space to your home for an expensive facelift in half the cost. In fact, subway tiles are the only cheap tile with an edge of fashion earrings as you go from contemporary to modern bathroom remodeling issues. In addition, Metro blue tiles also cut down on time project work that allows you to immediately see the results.

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Prepare all your tools. Wear safety glasses and gloves appropriate work shoes and work clothes. If you need to work on the bathroom walls and floor, making the first walls. Prepare the area. If there is an existing ceramic subway tiles bathroom wall or floor, use a chisel, mortar and hammer to knock down the tiled walls and floor.

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After the demolition of the old shingles, clean the concrete subfloor. Remove dust and dirt in preparation for installation in its underground dry blue tiles. The subfloor must be rough, with a sander for adhesive mortar thin layer cling to the concrete floor when installing the new subway tiles bathroom begins. Prepare the tiles; take all necessary measures for a precise fit.