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Brass bathroom faucets – Compared with other equipment in your home, brass bathroom faucet could be harder to maintain. However, this article offers helpful tips on how you can maintain this fixture well maintained.

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With regular cleaning, it is not too difficult to keep this material in mint condition. With a damp cloth, you can bring these fixtures to shine and keep it from tarnishing. Avoid abrasive cleaners because they really can damage the material, but if you find that the simple damp cloth cannot clean brass bathroom faucets, using warm soapy water. After wiping with a damp cloth, dry completely to avoid leaving water spots.

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Surprisingly, some people found some charming stained fixtures which emit an antique look inside brass bathroom faucets. If you are not going for this look though, you can visit the nearest hardware store to tarnish remover. This formula can either cheap or expensive enough but the important thing is to read the instructions before buying. If you prefer a natural method, you can use warm vinegar, not to remove tarnish. Wear gloves when cleaning this fixture as the oils in your skin can leave a mark on the material which will not appear until months after.

How to Restore Brass Bathroom Faucets

Brass bathroom faucets and other accessories add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. When the metal is dark, dull and lackluster, however, faucets just look old. Cleaning and restoration of brass faucets accessories make shiny and glossy look, similar to how they looked when first installed.

Instructions to restore brass bathroom faucets: pour a small amount of nail polish on a cotton ball and rub lightly across the surface of the brass faucet. If faucet is boring, then you have a protective coating or varnish. Rub the cotton ball around the faucet to remove this finish.

Mix equal parts white distilled vinegar, salt and flour in a small bowl. Apply the mixture of brass faucets and let it dry. Wipe the paste with distilled water on a soft cloth. Apply brass nail directly to the surface of the brass faucets, adding a thin layer on all areas of brass. Polish bronze give a natural glow when applied correctly.

Wipe a soft cloth over the bath faucets, stroking and using a small amount of pressure. Keep polishing the brass bathroom faucets, the use of different areas of the canvas, until all traces of polish brass is removed.