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Ceiling mounted shower curtain – The bathroom is usually a relatively predictable space, design-wise. But one method to boost the drama, sophistication, and height of the bathroom usually is to mount the shower curtain coming from the ceiling. Begin by searching for the studs with your ceiling. If have the ear of a popcorn or textured ceiling, this could be tricky just must be stud finder requires a set surface to learn accurately. Place a set section of thin cardboard, say for example a cereal box, against the ceiling, and run your stud finder over that. Mark your studs having a tack or pin. Or perhaps a pencil, if that’s what you favor.

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Because this ceiling had two studs reasonably spaced, it was eventually decided to make use of two inner ceiling mounted shower curtain brackets upon the studs rather than one in the middle having a drywall anchor. Wherever you don’t possess a ceiling stud inside the position you would like to mount your track, you’ll got to install drywall anchors. To do that, drill a hole just large sufficient to fit the drywall anchor snugly – no bigger.

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Ceiling mounted shower curtain, pushes the anchor in along with your fingers as far as possible, then hammer it in the remainder of the way till the opening is flush using the ceiling. In this case your anchor begins to bend or distort, your hole isn’t big enough. Pull it and slightly enlarge your hole along with your drill bit. The anchor should hold its shape and seem like this, ready for any screw.