The Choice of Damask Fabric

May 4th

Damask fabric – In recent seasons, damask fabric was the most visible and in a pattern and black and white. However, damask fabric is much more flexible than this, that representation. Damask fabric can be made of silk, wool, linen, cotton or synthetic fibers. Clean damask built entirely of silk. Its satin warp and weft satin damask characterize it. Numbers or designs displayed on substance to feed them, and the background fabric is warp. Depending on the complexity of the scene or of the press shown in plain, twill weaving and among others they can be incorporated into the fabric.
Most often display damask fabric into a pattern of flowers, fruits, animals, or intricate. It is believed that the origins damask fabric began in the Middle East and the East. In the twelfth century, the city of damask fabric in Israel in front of the production and marketing of the city and routes between East and Europe. Damask name comes from the city of damask fabric. During the Renaissance, damask fabric used to build investing elegant clothes for those who are members of the church. There are various methods damask fabric put into the house.
In general, the clothing damask fabric used in a table, or for sleep. These items are usually built with damask linen, cotton or synthetic fibers, featuring a damask pattern. Although this material is made of, and the beauty of the appearance of damask fabric fully attained weaving warp and weft, which, when set in contrast to an acute angle, reflect the light in different ways depending on the observer. The more complex scenes depicted in damask fabric, appears a beautiful building built in damask fabric. Damask brocade somewhat similar in appearance; However, the process used to make this more difficult.

Top Damask Fabric
Top Damask Fabric
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