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Circular shower curtain rod are a stand of circular shower curtain covers the shower curtain, lining and then on the shower rod to complete the ring shape by snapping shut at the bottom of the ring. This style is typically made of flexible materials such as plastic, allowing it to open and close. Shower rings are solid color, inexpensive and sold in sets of 12 in any bathroom supplies are sold.

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Hooks decorative shower curtain, the most popular and easy access hook shower curtain style is a decorative style. These hooks have a decorative piece hook attached to a simple U-shaped decorative piece hangs on the front of the shower curtain and hook weaves through the holes in the circular shower curtain rod and rod allowing shower curtain sliding along the curtain rod. Decorative curtain hooks shower can be found to match almost any bath or decorative taste.

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A hook shower curtain division is a hook with a unique design that allows you to hang your case the shower curtain in a part of the hook and the shower curtain in the other, allowing a slight separation both. The hook remains the same technology as it slides over the top of the bar that allows you to move along the circular shower curtain rod.