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Color block shower curtain – A map decorating system provides a worldly feel to any interior. Produce the vivid color schemes for world maps or highlight the more muted shades of antique maps by integrating furniture and accessories in similar shades and finishes. A quick weekend project wallpapering a world map mural to a bathroom wall or to the sloping roof of a loft can provide a plain Jane room a sense of adventure. Expand the theme with some map-themed DIY projects for furniture and accessories.

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Choose from world maps that you want to use for your map decor. Traditional World Maps induce primary school classroom, with their periwinkle blue waters and green, white and yellow color block shower curtain representing land. Antique Maps lend an interior a more formal look. However, rare antique world maps require frames with safety glass and special lighting and ventilation systems to maintain its archival quality. Unrealistic and artisans world maps may have the same features as more representative world maps, but the colors, shapes and map material has a more artistic quality.

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Determine the focus of your world map decorating scheme. You may want to use a wallpaper mural to cover one or more walls or door. In a bathroom, providing a world map color block shower curtain bathroom entertaining reading. A study or office can make a mundane update with the addition of a thickly laminated world map as a floor hatch. Fabric printed with world maps can dress a large living room windows or hanging, chapel-like, over your bed.