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Houses and apartments older can only be equipped with a head sans shower. Unless the pipe for a shower was installed before the construction of the walls near the tub, it is necessary to tear down a wall to add a tub shower faucet, which is a long and expensive process. To avoid incurring these costs plumbing while enjoying the convenience features and water-saving shower, you can attach a set of head- tub shower faucet directly into the bathtub faucet.

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Screw the shower hose in the bathtub faucet if it is a type of thread. Wrap the threads of the hose with Teflon tape if you have problems with leaks, and then screw it back into place. Tighten the hose with a pair of pliers. Screw the shower head at the opposite end of the hose if it is not already attached. Wrap the threads with Teflon tape if you have problems.

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Connect the tub shower faucet head to the wall of the bathtub. Moisten suction cup holder, then press on the wall. Some holders hook rod shower curtain instead of uniting the wall with suction cups; in this case, just plug through the curtain rod, and then hang the shower head in the holder.