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Converting furniture of bathroom vanity cabinet first, remove the feeders that are on the piece of furniture. Remove the drawer box and rails of the door. Install a top output tray at the bottom of the drawer front and attach to furniture hardware included. Drive screws through the mounting bracket from the output tray edge in the frame inside the furniture piece. Drive screws through the other side of the mounting bracket on the front of the drawer. Find the hardware top of wooden furniture connects. Remove the screws with a screwdriver. Lift the top of the furniture.

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Measure and mark the area where the pipeline will extend from the wall through the back of the furniture bathroom vanity cabinet. Cut holes in this area with a drill. The drill should be fit with the hole saw fits. Set the new vanity top in place. For easier installation, choose a solid upper surface with hole sink and plumbing holes already cut.

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Apply construction adhesive along the edge of the sink. Drop the sink in place on the counter. Install the hardware tap into sink holes. Connect the pipe wall through the holes in the back of the bathroom vanity cabinet and connect the pipes to the sink and faucet.

How to Install Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

To install bathroom vanity cabinets first measure the center lines of the water supply line and drain line coming out of the wall and the transfer of these measures to the back surface of the vanity cabinet. Use a jigsaw or a hole saw to cut openings for plumbing connections on the back of the vanity cabinet. Locate the wall studs behind the town vanity cabinet and mark the centerline of each foot just above the height of the cabinet.

Place the bathroom vanity cabinets in place, making sure to feed the water supply lines and drain pipe through holes drilled in step 3, and push hard against the wall. Fit the cabinet base if necessary to align these edges against the wall, and use a level to ensure that the top of the cabinet level from side to side and front to back is maintained.

Place the rear top bar cabinet to the wall to wall studs in step 4 with 2.5 inch silver screws. Use a framing square to check that the bathroom vanity cabinets sides are perpendicular to the back wall and secure the base of the cabinet to the floor with 8d nails, toenailed at an angle of 60 degrees on either side and front skirting board.

Build a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

You comfortable bringing stylish and classic look to any bathroom vanity. Transforming a comfortable on a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet can be a simple task when you know what to do. This project requires removing the top of the dresser drawers setting around plumbing and fitting a new counter top vanity dresser.

Remove the top drawer of the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet. Loosen the face of the drawer drawer base with a screwdriver. Place the drawer face directly to the dresser base with wood glue and small screws (not extend through the front of the drawer) from the inside of the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet. This can be difficult, so you may want to wait until the top of the dresser is removed.

Unscrew the wooden lid on top of the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet. The screws are located inside the bureau. If not unscrew the top, you may need to use a jigsaw to cut the top of the dresser. Wipe the white chalk on sink plumbing bathroom wall. Use a drill and whole saws sized to cut holes for plumbing. Install the sink and counter top on top of the Bathroom Vanity Cabinet. Apply a small bead of caulk around the top of the dresser.