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Unlike a pedestal sink, which is separated from the wall and lacks storage, a vanity gives you extra storage space in the bathroom. Move the sink to the corner of the room gives you more space in the bathroom and corner bathroom vanity is suitable for almost any style of bathroom.

Posted on May 8, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

A corner cupboard is a traditional type of vanity placed in the corner of the room. This is typically used in larger or bath when you have existing cabinets in space. The cabinets are a form of “L”, placed flush two walls meeting at the corner. The sink is installed into existing cabinets, with pipes hidden in the closets. In larger rooms or if you are adding corner bathroom vanity, cabinet is installed for the first time. The cabinet has a triangular shape, with the point of return fits perfectly into the corner and sides of the box that sits flush with the two walls.

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Corner bathroom vanity floor to ceiling maximizes the amount of storage in your bathroom. Use this idea if you have a small bathroom or the bathroom lacks proper storage. The idea is similar to the corner cupboard, in which the sink is placed inside a closet.

Ideal Corner Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking ideas corner bathroom vanity? Well, you can start doing some research now. Look through library, magazines, or online. If you take time and do some research, you can come up with some really interesting ideas bathroom vanity corner. A showroom corner bathroom vanity I saw actually had lines of credit to finance advertising my bathroom, for one low monthly payment! I felt like I was in a car dealership. To justify that kind of money in renovating my bathroom, I was going to have to live there, you might as well get big screen TV! (Do not laugh, no TV for bathroom too!).

Corner bathroom vanity to ceiling maximizes amount of storage in your bathroom. Use this idea if you have a small bathroom or bathroom lacks proper storage.  Idea is similar to corner cupboard, in which sink is placed inside a closet. Difference is that cabinets are placed above and below sink. You will also find options that use a toilet bowl style found on top of cabinets, instead of being placed inside and level with cabinet set. Top of cabinet has same triangular shape and gives you much more storage for room.

Update a Corner Bathroom Vanity

The corner bathroom vanity can be a difficult place to upgrade if you want to enter the dirty work as retailing the shower! However, updating vanity can make a big difference in the appearance of the room. Here are some steps to a vanity spruced up.  In addition to painting, in corner bathroom vanity you can also change the hardware, giving a complete facilitate to the piece! New knobs and pulls will allow you to be creative and add a bit of character, or sometimes as simple as getting rid of ugly brass fittings and opting for a nice brushed chrome to clean up and make him feel years younger!

If you have drawers and doors up front, adding a wood trim around the edge, or even establish a few inches from the outside, you can add a lot of character to vanity. I just upgraded my vanity cabinet 1950 Plain Jane style with bamboo trim 1/2 inch wide. Not just add some unique style in corner bathroom vanity, which gives it a certain elevation and detail to an otherwise plain cabinet. One coat on top brings fresh life and makes it look like you spent hundreds of custom doors!