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Rustic bathroom accessories – If you are looking for some creative ways to decorate your bathroom and you love nature, you can look at a few rustic accessories to give your bathroom nature-inspired look you want. Add some accents your kitchen sink and bathroom, as well as install some wall instruments in your bathroom space, can make a big difference in making area much more welcoming.

Posted on June 12, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Candles in shape of cones, as well as woven baskets filled with pine cones and potpourri, are in addition to bathroom fittings that help to maintain rustic look, and will also give space a pleasant smell. Shower curtain hooks in forms of trees, birds or fish are small accents that are creative and eye-catching, and can be used with shower curtains in neutral colors such as beige or subtle shades of green. To complete collection of rustic accents, a toilet lid that contains picture of a favorite bird, animal or plant helps to bring out colors for other rustic bathroom accessories.

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Wood flooring will definitely add a cabin-like feel in bathroom; floorboards from a hardware store can be purchased to achieve this look. Light wood looks best when other rustic bathroom accessories are same shade of wood or painted white. Darker woods are ideal for bathrooms with accents in colors such as dark green and burgundy. For even more authentic rustic cabin decor, add a bear-skin rug in bathroom to get in and out of shower or small animal skin rugs on fields toilet and sink in colors that complement rest of decor.