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Damask shower curtain – You can make your damask shower curtain based on your own ideas or to mimic a shower curtain that you want to buy. Measure your installed shower curtain rod, and add 4 inches to this measurement; this is your unfinished shower curtain width. Attach your shower curtain rings on the rod, and measure from the bottom of a ring to 6 inches below the top edge of the shower or bath. Add another 10 inches to this measurement; this is your unfinished curtain length.

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Cut the fabric to match these dimensions. Double turn a 1-inch border around both vertical edges of the fabric to create a twice obesity hem, pin down your seams and press them flat with an iron. Machine or hand sews your damask shower curtain side seams with straight stitch.  Double turn another 3 inches on the top edge of your curtain, pin down the pleats and press them flat. Repeat the process with your curtain bottom edge, but only double-swivel 2 inches instead of 3 inches. Sewing your seams closed with a straight stitch.

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Mark a small dot half inch from the top and the far left corner of the damask shower curtain. Make another dot-half inch from the right upper corner. Make another 10 points evenly spaced between these two points, each 1/2-inch down from the top edge of the curtain.

Damask Shower Curtain Ideas

Damask shower curtain – Damascus is a type of woven fabric resulting in a relatively specific pattern often used in bedding and desktop design. When implemented properly, damask can be very elegant and attractive. But decorating a room around theme damask can also be difficult; as damask itself is enough to attract attention. This type of decoration does not have to be impossible, and in fact can be quite a fun challenge. Provided the appropriate amount of time, thought and effort into decorating a bedroom with damask it gets the results that end with are sure to please the eye.

Decide how and where to incorporate damask shower curtain in his bathroom. Add too damask to a room can lead to shock; it is why it is generally advised to start with small amounts of damask and adds more if necessary. There are many ways to go about this, the most obvious being clothes bed.

Damask shower curtain, apart from linen, damask implement as wallpaper, lampshades and curtains, among many other items. The highest concentration is placed on where and how to properly apply damask, the better the results will be. Use complementary colors. Damask shower curtain design around is all about doing what is necessary to “pop” damask often means using colors.