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Want to create a modern space in the bathroom of your home? The following article is a guide for you to do. In the following lines you will find a number of key guidelines to create a modern bathroom lighting and stylish. Of course concepts are not closed you should follow split table, but some basic concepts on which rests the modern decor and that will serve as the basis for creating the current space we want to create.

Posted on May 29, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

For modern bathroom lighting to the touch, the LED lights will become your allies. They do not serve you to the main lighting, but to illuminate details such as inside cabinets, lower portion thereof, etc. These details will light a nice addition to your main lighting. Regarding the colors , there is no strict rule that dictates which are the perfect colors for a modern bathroom lighting.  Finally a tip for those who have private bathroom. One of the latest trends in modern bathroom lighting is that they are open to the room and are open spaces and sets, no barriers between bathroom and bedroom . The visual result is shocking, but its practicality is something you should consider yourself.

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