The Dimension of Danish Cord

Mar 6th

Danish cord is paper which is twisted into a three layers of rope. There are two kinds of cord; laced and unlaced. Laced rope like your typical, in which three twisted branches can be clearly seen. While unlaced cord, there are 3 tracks that are not visible. Both types of is about 1/8 inch in diameter and 180 feet per pound. It is important to know because the wire and paper sold in the pounds instead of the foot. Each seat usually requires two pounds of rope cord.
Danish cord is ideal for modern tables, chairs, and benches. If you re-decorate the chair that already have rope cord, make sure you note the original details, such as the number of times the cords are wrapped around the frame. Standard seats have frame with size of 16-inch × 16-inch and standard wrapping methods, but some seats have bars 17-inch front and bars, and 16-inch back.
You do not need to know the exact dimensions of your seat, but you have to know how many branches to move from side to side and the number of branches go front to back. That is all about Danish cord; hopefully you will get benefit from information above.

Woven Danish Cord Seat Bench
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