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Most homeowners spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom. Bathrooms can be characterized by a more than other areas of your home lighting. Not only vanity lights, but Double Sink Bathroom Vanities it could also be a good amount of natural light. This makes your bathroom perfect for installing a vanity mirror that can be used while preparing to start the day.

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Double sink bathroom vanities and the mirror above the sink center. This is the typical placement of a vanity mirror, but uses your own judgment. Just make sure the mirror is easily access. Use a magnetic locator to locate wall studs. Due to the weight of the vanity mirror, you need to hang on tacos. In most cases, the builder has taken you hang a mirror over the sink and asparagus

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 Double sink bathroom vanities And cable clips included in their standard accessory kit mirror, along with the anchors. A clip should be placed on each side of the mirror and the wire strung between them. This is how will crash the Espoo. Determine where to hang the anchors. Pull the thread tight and measure the space between it and the top of the mirror.