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Combine a French Country vanity with a bathtub free standing, soft neutral walls and simple shower curtains and window dressings clothing. Keep accent colors of blue and green soft muted reminiscent quiet seaside views to complete the soft feel of French Country design. The furniture used for its French country bathroom vanities offers the greatest impact on your overall design. This piece does not have to be authentic, but must be able to pass through a European rustic table, dresser, desk or dresser. Solid wood is the best material for this project.

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French Country decor incorporates many simple and muted colors. Allow the parts stored on your country bathroom vanities reflect. Pile white or beige towels on a shelf below the vanity. Keep perfumes and lotions in antique glass bottles in shades of blue.

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Proper lighting is crucial for functional country bathroom vanities. Hang a simple chandelier wrought iron on the area for general lighting. For lighting more focused task, opt for a wall light wrought iron or antique lamp. A large mirror on the dresser increases light in the area for reflecting again. Opt for a style with a wooden frame in heavy difficulties for a rustic French country appeal.