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Bathroom etagere – A ceramic bathroom etagere is a great accessory for a bathroom. Keep shampoo, soap and other essential items organized bathroom and outside the walls of your bathtub. They are also easy to clean and sanitary. Most ceramic bathroom shelves come with their own hardware installation and can be installed in an afternoon. Instructions: Remove the tray ceramic search box and installation hardware. This is a package of screws and anchors, with supports, if necessary for installation. Place the rack in position ceramic bath holding it against the wall where it will be mounted.

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Mark the top and bottom of the platform with a pencil, and then mark the mounting holes pasting through pencil holes, while the platform remains in place. Using a 1/16 inch drill bit, drill the holes where marked. Then place the bathing platform backup safety ceramic bathroom etagere wall. Ask someone to help to hold it in place.

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Cool Bathroom EtagereSize: 605 x 590

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Take one of the mounting screws and place through the mounting hole with washers supplied attachments. Then the hand twist in place, so that it remains constant. The use of an electrically conductive, screw the platform in position. Repeat with the other mounting holes. Then check the platform to make sure bathroom etagere is securely fastened to the wall.