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To hang shower curtains without using a bar one afternoon and just need some basic supplies. Measure from the corners of the tub on the side where you want to hang your curtain. Run the tape measure from a marked point to another and check the tape with a level to ensure that their brands are level. Check the distance between the points. Screw eye hook screw in each of the two points marked. Add 1 foot to the distance between the points from Step 2 and cut a length of clothesline to this length.

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Loop 6 inches from one end of the rope through a hook eye. Ate 6-inch tail rope in a knot to secure it to the hook eye. Knit the other end of the rope through the holes or grommets in their curtain, if you are not using curtain rings, until the line snaking across the top of the shower curtains.

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Pass the other end of 6 inches clothesline through the other eye of the hook. Pull the line as hard as you can to add tension to the rope. Tie the end in a knot to keep the fitted line. Place the shower curtains to curtain rings online using if using them. Trim excess drying glue.

Shower Curtains Looking for a Vibrant Bathroom

Synthetic one of the common materials used to create these curtains. These include polyester, nylon and vinyl. They even provide benefits such as reasonable cost and maintenance as well as help stop the growth of yeast. You get them in a range of designs and colors. Some of the benefits of using shower curtains in the bathroom are: These blinds add warmth, color and brightness to the bathroom. You may even consider this medium as economic to remodel or renovate your bathroom.

The wonderful patterns and warm colors provide a rejuvenated appearance to the bathroom. Some shower curtains are top quality capable of safeguarding your bathroom from damage resulting from spills of water and steam produced during hot showers. This is due to prolonged exposure to water and steam can cause some serious bathroom fixtures, flooring and wall damage.

Most important of all is provide you with the necessary privacy while bathing. In addition to a bathroom for children, these curtains allow easy access to and from the bathroom to your child. Therefore, these are some of the functional benefits of shower curtains in your bathroom. With the wide range of options, you can choose any depending on your preferences and budget.