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As a rug, the style of anchor shower curtain or tub bath may be the anchor for the scheme designs of the place and a couple of measures the functionality of the curtain, hanging it at the correct height is ensured. A curtain of hot or standard tub is 178 cm wide and 183 cm long, which serves a tub of 152.5 cm in a room with walls 2.4 m.  A bathtub curtain should extend under the edge of the tub to the floor at least 15 cm.

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Take away the curtain and measures 6 inches to fit the anchor shower curtain. This is the height above the top of the tub to the top of the curtain. A bath curtain needs to extend beyond the lip of the surrounding soil at least 5 cm. Measure the curtain and add 2 inches; this measurement is the distance from the floor where the curtain should be installed.

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The Anchor Shower CurtainSize: 2000 x 2000

Oversized tubs are normally found in larger and require longer rods and curtains sites. These curtains often hang higher, and have greater fall than regular shades. Architectural elements such as windows or columns can also affect the size of the curtain, and aesthetics may dictate that the anchor shower curtain is much larger than the standard size.