History of Marimekko Fabric

Feb 10th

Marimekko fabrics – The house Marimekko is celebrated worldwide for design. When the company was founded in 1951, which changed the conventional design tradition of printing of textiles and clothing. Over the years, Marimekko has remained faithful to its original mission to bring design to everyday life. Completely lifestyle was married positive and motivating creativity with functionality, Marimekko continues to delight the world with its timeless design, but also for fashion, accessories and home decor.
This approach, characterized by the divergence produced and duplicated pattern, so that each will appear handmade design. Although it has long been automated method of production, the company still print the level of quality by hand. By leveraging the unique patterns and natural fibers, emphasized their commitment to the Scandinavian love of nature. Armi team as Design Director, the company from the standard approach of designer’s marimekko fabric elsewhere at the time, use a variety of graphical abstract design, as a realistic image.
Original collection of basic women’s clothes, which had its premiere in the center of Helsinki in 1951, is a means for displaying printed cotton corporation. Cover and front button linen included, so that includes the text styling place. This collection is known as marimekko fabric, blending ancient Finnish girl name Mary, and said soft, describing Towing shirt, open at the back and then charged as if they were apron. Since then, “Maria dress” spread to textile home furnishing, with some license agreements at the international level was launched in 1968 on the bed and wall coverings, decorative fabrics, table cloths, paper products, furniture, kitchenware, glass, ceramics, and carpets.

Tree Marimekko Fabrics
Tree Marimekko Fabrics
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