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Bathroom cabinets are often constructed in the same way and have the same design as the cabinet door kitchen cabinets in general. In addition, smaller bathrooms may require measurement made cabinets under sinks or storage units corner. Although there is no general height for bathroom cabinets, space determines the final measurement. If you need a bathroom vanity height, you can get bathroom cabinets with standard height of a kitchen cabinet that is 34 1/2 inches, according Ask the builder. The height increases with 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch vanity top.

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The standard for bathroom vanity height is between 30 and 34 inches, according to the website of Dream Home Source. The reference suggests that higher individuals may be more comfortable with a cabinet height between 34 and 42 inches. The website provides B4Build vanity cabinets in 29 inches with a 1 inch thick worktop.

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Corner bathroom vanity height are ideal for smaller bathrooms that do not have a space of 30 inches available under or near the sink and the toilet due to limited space. Some corner cupboard ranging from floor to ceiling, storage of larger items such as packages of toilet paper on the top shelf. Corners can be open concepts or have cabinet doors to hide the contents.

Increase the Bathroom Vanity Height

There are several reasons to increase the bathroom vanity height, including installation of a mirror bathroom smaller than the previous one, so it is necessary to accommodate the height of the toilet with the rest of the pieces of the bathroom or to accommodate a higher owner. The adjustment basically involves uninstalling the toilet. The process requires tools and equipment basics and is a basic work for those who are experienced.

Remove the toilet bathroom unscrewing the screws on the wall. You must be careful to support the bathroom vanity height during the removal process. Set the screws aside in a safe place for them for instillation. Relocates the toilet slightly up on the wall so that the holes align with the same buttons from the previous installation. Supports the bathroom vanity height in the desired position with the help of an assistant. Place a level on top carpentry toilet and adjust until the level indicates it is right.

Make holes at the marks on the wall using a drill bit having a slightly smaller than the diameter mounting screws, tapping mounts with every hole to ensure stability. After all screws are tight half, completely adjust them to attach the bathroom vanity height to the wall.