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Tile is popular flooring and walls in bathrooms where surfaces need to be resistant to water and moisture. The installation of tiling a bathroom floor is a project that can perform you with the right tools and preparation. Strengthens the ground before installing tile. The method that is often used is the smoothing cement adhesive layer on the floor covering with a base plate prior to setting of cement. Screws used to secure the plate. This provides a solid and secure surface for tile installation.

Posted on May 22, 2019 Bathroom Floor

Tiling a bathroom floor, start at the center of your room when you place the first tile. Make two straight chalk lines to use as a guide. The first should go to the middle of the longest wall, parallel to the wall in the exact center of your room. The other line must be perpendicular to the first between adjacent walls. The use of the longest wall guide reduces the effect of an area of ​​uneven ground. Extends over a uniform layer of soil cement glue in your starting point, keeping a part of the visible line to use as a reference chalk. Place your initial tile in the corner of your chalk line and put in place on the tail cement.

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