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White bathroom vanity – A vanity adds a delicate and old-fashioned appeal to a bathroom. White bathroom vanities make an ideal simple but refined look. But if you want to paint a white wooden bathroom vanity different shade of white – or another color altogether – it takes a little preparation. The color you choose for wood vanity can transform your bathroom is the whole look.

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How to paint white bathroom vanity; choose a paint color or stain of vanity. If you want to change the color of vanity, make a list of the colors that are already in the bathroom area. Note the color of the towels you, shower curtain, door moldings and trim, and so on. Basing the color you choose to paint the vanity of the surrounding colors. You can also choose contrasting or complementary colors. Note that you can also color a vanity wood color. Remove the vanity shelves, drawers, mirror and door. Cover up holes handles and drawer interiors. Stick painting tape on the areas where you do not want to paint to reach, such as inside the drawer handles holes. Instead of tape, use a putty caulking to plug the holes. After painting, you can remove the glue.

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After that to paint white bathroom vanity use paint thinner to remove the existing white coat of paint. Use a paint scraper to carve away any remaining paint or stain from vanity countertops, drawers and sides. Sandpaper countertop, front and sides. Rub smooth any bumps you feel on the surface of the vanity tabletop, pages or boxes. Paint on primer. Use white primer for the first coat. Use a large brush for larger parts of vanity. Paint or stain the entire vanity. Assemble vanity.