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Having dirty or old-looking tile in your bathroom can be an instant turnoff. People can have a look at the floor or tiled walls and think the entire bathroom is disgusting. This may or may not be true, but it is not difficult to get your bathroom tiles like new again. No matter what your reasons for wanting to bring back that “brand new” feel to your bathroom, reglazing bathroom tile will help you reach your goal.
Today I will give some tips to reglazing bathroom tile. Clean the entire surface with cleaner normal tiles. This is just to remove as much as possible initial contamination.  Remove the silicone caulking around the tile with silicone digester. Get rid of as much of it as possible. Clean the floor with a degreaser.

Posted on April 30, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Cover all areas in which you do not want to get primer or varnish. This is especially true when primer used spray.  Apply the epoxy primer for tile. Spray on the acrylic urethane resin. This is where you get reglazing bathroom tile of color you are looking for. The resin should be sprayed only once the primer is completely dry. Once you have finished spraying the resin, wait for the right time.

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