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A rustic design is one that blends earthy colors and texture. No matter where you live, rustic bathroom ideas can be elegant, especially in homes with a country or rustic look. You can also mix the rustic architectural features, such as texture of the walls and floors, with structures so modern at home complement and blend with the styles. Cover the walls with a layer of rough plaster.

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Paint the walls with earth or neutral color like brown, creamy yellow or red. Paint the walls the color you choose and to accentuate it, choose a lighter. Pour the light color in the tray, dip a sponge and wring. Put the sponge on the walls you’ve painted a dark color and rub gently. Change the rustic bathroom ideas for door with one that has a more natural.

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For accessories, like hinges and handles, uses elements of aluminum or iron. Change the toilet or the sink and opt for a pedestal or stone basin. Wrought iron faucets will enhance the appearance of the room. Remove linoleum or tiles and replace them with natural materials such as stone or wood. By putting carpet of grass to stone floors you will give comfort and style to the rustic bathroom ideas.