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Burlap shower curtain is adequate for most casual rough fabric window treatments, open frame. Window treatments burlap should hang from a bar that is on the window frame and ends on the windowsill or reaches the ground. Few types of cuts work well with the curtains of burlap, but the bonds of curtain rope knotted help the casual fabric. If you want to dress the curtains a little or give a more feminine touch, tie them with ribbons or simple calico ribbons.

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Hang the burlap shower curtain and tie a string around half long. Adjust the height of the wire and how strong is bound until you’re happy with the effect. Cut the thread and measure the length of the portion attached to the curtain.

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Add 40.64 cm to fit the thread and used shears to cut a piece of thin rope length you calculated. If you’re using a tape adds 60.96 cm to the length of thread and cut a piece of wide gingham ribbon that long. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying Tie a knot at the ends of the rope and tie it around the burlap shower curtain or wrapping tape around the curtain and tie it in a bun.