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Corner bathroom sink vanity gives you extra storage space in bathroom. Move sink to corner of room gives you more space in bathroom and corner vanity ideas are suitable for almost any style of bathroom. Corner bathroom sink vanity is typically used in larger or bath when you have existing cabinets in space. Cabinets are a form of “L”, placed flush with two walls and meeting in corner. Sink is installed into existing cabinets, with pipes hidden in closets. In larger rooms or if you are adding a corner sink, cabinet is installed for first time. Cabinet has a triangular shape with point of return fits perfectly into corner and sides of box that sits flush with two walls.

Posted on June 15, 2019 Bathroom Sink

Corner bathroom sink vanity maximizes amount of storage in your bathroom. Use this idea if you have a small bathroom or bathroom lacks proper storage. Idea is similar to corner cupboard, in which sink is placed inside a closet. Difference is that cabinets are placed above and below sink. You will also find options that use a toilet bowl style found on top of cabinets, instead of being placed inside and level with cabinet set. Top of cabinet has same triangular shape and gives you much more storage for room.

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