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Note final height of your bathroom cabinets installing. “Ask Builder” says that many people like highest cabinets, making stops placed 1 1/2 inches to their designs. Top of cabinet hidden connections between cabinets and counter makes uniform look like furniture. Sit on toilet seat and measure distance from floor to top of legs. Make at least 3 inches at that point to determine minimum height of your cabinets. Choose a standard height of bathroom cabinets unless you want to pay more to make it your own. Home builders recommend Star Craft heights between 32 and 43 inches. This height range leaves room for adult knees fit under cabinets or bathroom sink. Usually, higher is stool; higher should be space to accommodate it.

Posted on May 28, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Opt for height cabinets that will allow easy access to toilet. Ohio Housing Locator provides that an accessible lavatory must be 29 inches (74 cm) of space for knees. If knee space is greater than 29 inches (74 cm) you may have trouble reaching taps. If knee space is less than 29 inches (74 cm) is likely to hit knees in sink below countertop. Choose bathroom cabinets that fit a minimum of 29 inches (74 cm) of space for knees.

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