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Double shower curtain rod – Clawfoot tubs have remained a classic for over 100 years and show no signs of losing popularity among homeowners who prefer a vintage look. Although clawfoot tubs are not designed for showers, no conversion kits that allow you to have the best of both worlds. Curtain rods shower for clawfoot tubs around the tub. Some are suspended from the ceiling, some of wall mounting, and others use a combination of both methods. Clawfoot curtains hang slightly longer than the tub for aesthetics, so it will have a separate liner to hang on the same hooks as curtain.

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Measure double shower curtain rod to the length you want your shower curtain. Many curtains fall just above the legs with feet, but some fall just above the ground. Do not measure based on its curtain coating, as it will be very short. Subtract 2 inches in length measurement. This explains the gap between the top of the curtain rod.

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Double Rod Curtain SetsSize: 1500 x 1500

Double Drapery RodsSize: 800 x 800

Double shower curtain rod, spread the fabric over a large area. Measured through a short edge of the fabric to 7 inches and mark the fabric with chalk’s tailor. 7 inches cut along the length of the fabric, cutting the chalk mark and following the grain of threads at the opposite end.