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Outdoor shower curtain – An outdoor shower is a useful accessory for people trying to keep both an active lifestyle and a clean house. With an outdoor shower, you can hose of salt from an ocean swim, dirt from an afternoon of gardening or sweat from a serious jog before coming into the house. A curtain can make the shower more private, so you can take a full shower rather than just wash your clothes.

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Keep your outdoor shower curtain simply by doing it yourself. Stick four pegs in the ground in a box to form temporary outdoor poles. Fold a piece of outdoor fabric and sew metal rings in it. Hang it on the pegs to make a simple, portable enclosure. For a more stable outdoor DIY shower curtain, build a cube of PVC pipe. Hang panels of waterproof fabric on each side with a shower in the middle. A PVC cube is standalone and stable, so it will last the entire season without problems.

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For a more stable and durable outdoor shower curtain, take advantage of an outdoor wall to mount the necessary hardware. Installing a curved shower rod in the wall and a shower head just below it. Hang a standard shower curtain rod from a simple, private and permanent outdoor shower. In the winter, take a shower curtain, wash them and put them in storage for next year.