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Slate bathroom tile – Bring the outdoors to your bathroom with a natural slab or precast slab. Whether the tiles are removed or manmade, it can be matched with other natural materials such as gravel or slate tiles to create a bathroom with layers of texture and subtle color. A bathroom-stone theme can become a masterpiece of its home’s interior.

Posted on June 8, 2019 Bathroom Ideas

Install a stone floor in your slate bathroom tile. Tile comes in a variety of colors, ranging from red to gray to brown. Install the stones with mortar, remove the mortar from the tops of the rocks as you go.

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Select slate bathroom tile for countertops in colors that coordinate with the floor slabs. If your slab has more gray tones, select a blue gray slate tile. For stone floor with reddish or brown tint, select a brownish tone slate. The colors on the board and the slab can and should not coincide. The goal is to keep complementary shades for your eye flow over the room. Install slate countertop with thin-layer adhesive mortar. Select and install a top bowl sink to sit in the center of the slate countertop. Pick up a grain color slate and slab while selecting your sink.