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Small corner bathroom sink – A corner mount sink works well in a room that is small in place. Installation of a corner mount sink is not much different from a middle of the room sink; however, some adjustments need to be made because of the corner location. The water supply and sewage pipes will function in the same way as a center wall sink, but they must be fed to the sink from one of the existing side walls. The manufacturer’s instruction for feeding the side wall will be included with the sink and can be followed by the sink is properly installed.

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Install small corner bathroom sink, place the tape measure against the back wall and measure 1 1/2 inches. Remove the template. Place a utility knife just inside the pen and fill a seam in the counter. Move the knife an inch away and make another joint. Repeat until the entire tracking is linked. Place the saw in one of the joints and start cutting out the sink hole. Ease saw forward slowly, applying minimal pressure. Follow saw movement and cut with the natural pace of the saw to avoid going too fast and unevenly cut. Remove the cut piece counter.

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After that to install small corner bathroom sink, sand down the inside of the sink hole with sandpaper. Continue grinding until there are no sharp edges. Lower the sink into the sink hole. Adjust it so that it is smooth and lie flat on the disk surface. Wipe off excess caulking with a damp cloth. Place the clamps on the sink to hold it in place. Leave clamps on until the joints are completely dry. Remove the clamps. Follow the sink manufacturer’s instructions for connecting pipes for the plumbing and install faucet.