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Installing bathroom shower tile – While tiling a shower, you have to think of some additional things compared to tiling a normal wall. Since you probably need to cut the tiles to fit around faucets and other obstructions, you’ll need a saw instead of a wet tile cutter straight cut. You will need a waterproof tile behind the base, so installing cement board, not a wall before tiling. You’ll have to seal against moisture grout and caulk the corners, instead of grout them. A professional should install your shower base before wall tiles.

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Use your level and pencil to mark a horizontal level along the bottom of one wall of the bathroom shower tile, facing the floor of the shower in the height of a tile, more than 1/4 inch. Mark a vertical line from the bottom to the top of the shower wall, right in the center.

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Thin set mortar spread over the bottom of the wall bathroom shower tile, high enough to accommodate a row of tiles, the use of the trowel. Set the first row of tiles instead of starting in the middle, where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect with the upper edges of the tiles lined up below the horizontal line and the bottom of the tiles hanging around 1/4 soil inch.